Sara Gettys Photography


In the age of digital photography, anyone can snap a photo. The ease of using iPhones, digital point-and-shoots and the availability of digital SLRs means the equipment to make pictures is available to just about everyone. So why hire a photographer?

Photography is more than the ability to take a photo. As your wedding photographer, my job is to ensure you have an outstanding record of your event. I want you to be able to relax, not worrying if someone is getting your special moment. Not only that, but I want you to know that someone has captured all the delightful small moments that make up the day, moments that are so often over-looked. It’s not just the cutting of the cake, it’s the kid sneaking icing from the side. It’s not only the moment the father walks the bride down the aisle, it’s the way he looks at his newly married daughter as he dances with her, or as he scribbles the last minute notes for his toast.

I want you to enjoy your special day knowing that you will have all of those beautiful moments caught by a professional whose sole priority is to create a memorable and complete record of your day.

My packages start at $1200 and include an engagement session. I’d be happy to work with you to customize a package. Please contact me for pricing details.